Why Can't I Have Nintendo?

from by Anne Feeney

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My children grew up at picket lines, rallies, folk concerts and folk festivals. We boycotted grapes, Exxon and Westinghouse. My son was sent home frm a friend's house for chanting "Scabs out! Workers In!" while riding his big wheels bike. I was always afraid that when they grew up they would found a 12-Step organization called "Adult Children of Politically Correct Parents." When I perform this song, I interject funny things they said in this regard, like:
"Mommy, how come we always put signs in our yard for people that lose?"


Mom and Dad, I'm almost ten and it's time we had this talk
I've done my best to please you since before I learned to walk
I swallowed all your oatmeal and your work for peace is fine
But when you pick on Super Mario I've got to draw the line

I know you're not like other folks, but for once could we pretend, OH
Can't I be like other kids?
Why can't I have Nintendo?

Every other kid I know can spend his idle hours
Helping Super Mario climb pillars, hills and towers
And how come when we go for walks
It's on some picket line?

I know you're not like other folks, but for once could we pretend, OH
Can't I be like other kids?
Why can't I have Nintendo?

Sometimes I wonder what would happen in a war
It's not that I don't like the things you're working for
So don't get angry if I ask you just once more

I don't mind recycling and camping out is fine
If you'd only boycott cauliflower, I'd be first in line
GI JOE and LASER TAG were out I always knew
But when I go down to Billy's place, what do you think we do??

We turn on his TV set and for hours upon end-o
I act just like the other kids and I freak out on Nintendo!

So can't I be like other kids, Oh
Can't I be like other kids?
Oh can't I have Nintendo?

(Not on your life!!)


from War on the Workers a Tribute to Anne Feeney, released December 28, 2016
© Anne Feeney (BMI)
Keith Grimwood- Electric Bass, Lead Vocals
Ezra Idlet- Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
Recorded at Trout House Studio



all rights reserved


Anne Feeney Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Anne Feeney is a front-line singer and agitator well-versed in the traditions of Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs and Tom Lehrer.

She's taken her musical message all over the US and Canada as well as Sweden and Denmark.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, For almost 50 years, Anne has gone to wherever the fires of resistance burn brightly, comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.
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