The Corporate Welfare Song

from by Anne Feeney

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When Bill Clinton started talking about "ending welfare as we know it," I was overjoyed. Finally! We'll get rid of the billions of dollars our government spends underwriting billionaire companies and industries that don't even pay ANY taxes - big agro, oil & gas, banksters and Wall Street thugs, automakers and aero-space, industrial giants like GE, communications moguls like Verizon ... BUT NOOOOOOOOO!! He didn't go after these do-less parasites who shake down hard-working taxpayers for subsidies...

HE AND CONGRESS went after the neediest and poorest people in the country. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!


It's time to end welfare as we know it
And get those greedy chiselers off the dole
It's time to end welfare as we know it
Teach them a little self-control.
For far too long we've allowed these corporate hogs
To belly up to the public trough,
No more welfare as we know it
No more hand-outs, cut them off
(last ch only) -
(It's for their own good)
No more hand-outs, cut them off
(And we mean business)
No more hand-outs, cut them off

Now we should all be irate at this huge welfare state right here in this mightiest of nations
AFDC is disgraceful to me, I'm talking aid for dependent corporations
Free enterprise, Hah! The cruelest of lies, it cost us two hundred billion just last year
If they paid their fair share we'd have billions to spare, it's time to tell them the bucks stop here


That Taco Bell chihuahua begs for bucks for Frito-Lay
And Poppin' Fresh from Pillsbury needs more dough every day
That thief Ronald Mcdonald and his side-kick Mayor McCheesy
Hamburglarize our treasury in ways that make me queasy
That nasty little mermaid took tax dollars overseas
To hire thugs to bring poor Haitian workers to their knees


They've been picking every pocket here from sea to shining sea
We must intervene to break this cycle of dependency
ADM and Cargill, Standard Oil, Exxon and Boeing
Goldman Sachs and Lockheed and that welfare line keeps
Growing, growing, growing
Now Congress says we can't afford to subsidize the needy
But before we slash the safety net let's tell the truly greedy:

(Last chorus)


from War on the Workers a Tribute to Anne Feeney, released December 28, 2016
© Anne Feeney (BMI)
Performed by The Hot Nut Riveters
Ann Wade- Vocals, Washboard
Kris Wade- Bass, Vocals
Guy Forsyth- Banjo, Uke, Vocals
Nevada Newman- Guitar, Vocals
Oliver Steck- Accordion, Vocals
Recorded and mixed by Matt Smith at 6 string Ranch, Austin Texas



all rights reserved


Anne Feeney Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Anne Feeney is a front-line singer and agitator well-versed in the traditions of Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs and Tom Lehrer.

She's taken her musical message all over the US and Canada as well as Sweden and Denmark.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, For almost 50 years, Anne has gone to wherever the fires of resistance burn brightly, comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.
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