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August 2, 1990: This song embodies all the anger, frustration and bitterness I felt that day. President George Herbert Walker Bush (former CIA director - a true cloak and dagger man) entangled us in a war with the people of Iraq at the behest of his oil thug friends in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia - the same country that spawned nine of the terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center 11 years later. Saudi Arabia - birthplace of Osama bin Laden. Saudi Arabia - where women aren't allowed to drive. All this to protect the ruling class in Kuwait.


Was it a shell game - from the master of the cloak and dagger?
Was it a shell game - from the master of the cloak and dagger?
When you saw "naked aggression" did you forget about recession?
When you saw him "kick some ass" did you forget the underclass?
Who could spare a moment for the homeless or the poor?
Who cares about the deficit, we won a glorious war!

Or was it a shell game, from the master of the cloak and dagger?

When you spoke of education, did you lose your concentration?
If you thought of unemployment, did it spoil the games enjoyment?
As the burning oil wells lit the sky we hailed the new world order
Don't think of all the Kurdish children starved along the border

Caught in the shell game, from the master of the cloak and dagger
Must we all avert our eyes and walk in lockstep with this man?
What about the hundred thousand that lie buried in the sand?
Sing patriotic songs now - Yellow ribbons sea to sea
How could Iraq make reparations?
Will there be future confrontations?
Have we brought peace to all these nations?
Or just restored some monarchy?


from War on the Workers a Tribute to Anne Feeney, released December 28, 2016
© Anne Feeney (BMI)
John Elliott- Vocals, Guitar
Recorded by John Elliott at Garland Lane



all rights reserved


Anne Feeney Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Anne Feeney is a front-line singer and agitator well-versed in the traditions of Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs and Tom Lehrer.

She's taken her musical message all over the US and Canada as well as Sweden and Denmark.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, For almost 50 years, Anne has gone to wherever the fires of resistance burn brightly, comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.
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